The Tritium´s properties are located on soils -chalky-clay, ferrous-clay and alluvial being the main ones- also has a microclimate -depending on vineyard orientation, protection against wind, etc.- that provide the wines with unique traits.

This, together with the use of different grape varieties and growing practices we apply, allows to make a wide range of wines with a different personality, although always within the framework of a perfectly-recognisable common identity.

    La Cantera: Tempranillo y viura.
    El Hornillo: Tempranillo, viura, garnacha,malvasía, mazuelo y graciano.
    Valdemontán:  Garnacha.
    Choza de Valdemontán: Tempranillo y malvasía.
    Hacia Dolana: Mazuelo y tempranillo.
    Majadas: Graciano.
    Matarredo: Tempranillo y graciano.