One of the traits that sets Rioja Wines apart is their excellent aptitude for ageing, a quality that is exclusive to great wines. 

Through appropriate ageing. in which oak wood plays a decisive role, Rioja Wine evolves, its virtues becoming more prominent and acquiring new aromas and flavours.


A privileged region for growing grapes and producing wines of high quality with unique and great aptitude for nurturing personality, the production zone of the Rioja DOCG is located in Northern Spain, on both banks of the river Ebro

Landforms have helped shape a natural, perfectly defined and differentiated region from those surrounding it. To the north lies the Sierra de Cantabria, to the south, the Demanda and crossing it from west to east, the River Ebro. This is La Rioja: a large valley between two mountain ranges that protect it. The area further west, we call Rioja Alta, the centre, Rioja Centre, and to the far east, Rioja Baja.



Bodega Tritium is located in Cenicero, the emblematic town of the Rioja DO, located in the heart of the Rioja Alta, where both the cultivation of vines and winemaking belong to an ancient tradition.

Bodega Tritium’s vineyards and olive trees are planted on a land rich in organic components and wise in the winemaking knowledge of generations. From these people we have inherited a respect for the natural environment, guided by their knowledge, and away from the prevailing trend of mass production. We have chosen to make a commitment to preserve and pamper the goodness of this land and its fruits as if it were a precious jewel.

    La Cantera: Tempranillo y viura.
    El Hornillo: Tempranillo, viura, garnacha,malvasía, mazuelo y graciano.
    Valdemontán:  Garnacha.
    Choza de Valdemontán: Tempranillo y malvasía.
    Hacia Dolana: Mazuelo y tempranillo.
    Majadas: Graciano.
    Matarredo: Tempranillo y graciano.